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Eden to Eden's Perfectly Pure Baby Range

Our Perfectly Pure products are tailor made for your little ones delicate skin and Perfect for every day use. With a bottolm balm, massage oil, top to toe wash and oat cream, you are bound to find something to suit your needs.

Eden to Eden's Healthy Hair Range

These products leave your hair feeling healthy, soft and SUPER moisturised.

Add these to your regime, and your hair will THANK YOU!

Eden to Eden's Natural Skincare Range

Skin is the biggest organ on our bodies and it needs to be treated with Love and Respect.

We have listened and have created products to benefit you and your skin.

Say Bye to unhealthy skin and HELLO to clean, fresh and healthy skin.

Eden to Eden products are literally salvation for my hair! The first products I purchased were hydration hair most and the moisturiser. My hair just drinks these products like water! I actually enjoy applying them to my hair because of how healthy it feels! (Is that weird? Lol.) I usually don’t need to use them more than once a day and a little really does go a long way so I don’t need to buy them frequently. I love the fact that the ingredients are natural and the consistency is light so I feel I’m giving my hair the very very best. My hair has genuinely never felt so healthy, strong and moisturised; this has helped me to maintain more length and hair-health than ever before. All those who know me, know how much I love these products- my husband actually bought a hamper of them for me for Valentine’s Day! He knows the way to my heart! I have just tried the shampoo and conditioner within the last week and these will now be my staples for wash day!

Once you go Eden to Eden you can not go back!

Charlotte | Christian Life Purpose Coach

I purchased the Perfectly Pure range during my pregnancy because I knew this range would be the best products for our daughter Aiyana. She is now 9 months old and we still use the amazing natural products and we will continue.

The baby bottom balm and oat cream soothed and protected her delicate skin and I can happily say that she has never suffered from nappy rash or eczema since one episode at 8 weeks old. We have also used the baby bottom balm on other parts of her body and we are amazed and how quickly it works.

After using the bath and bubble it’s our favourite time – baby massage. The massage oil is my favourite product at the moment. Aiyana loves massages and it has been a great bonding experience for us. Over the past few months the massages have helped with digestion, preventing constipation, colic and enhancing sleep. The massage oil is perfect and a little really does go a long way.

People often comment on how clear her skin is and I am quick to recommend the Eden to Eden products. It has been my number one baby shower gift recently because it’s the best start to care for a newborns skin.
Ave-Gaye 'Aiyana' | Health Visitor

My son suffers with eczema which started at a young age. For bath time he liked to see and play with lots of bubbles however the product I was using made his skin dry. I started using Eden to Eden bubble bath and soap on his body at bath time and this was much better for his skin. He still got to play with his bubbles in the bath too! I highly recommend the product for babies with dry skin. It has a gorgeous scent too

Michala | Teacher

Eden to Eden

100% Natural Hair, Skin and Baby Products



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