We are a family business based in Birmingham, UK, that believes that the things we put on our hair and skin is very important, and therefore should be natural.

Here at Eden to Eden, we care about all the ingredients that go into our products and always strive to educate people about the benefits of using natural products versus commercially manufactured goods. We are especially passionate about this topic because the cosmetic industry; no matter how they dress it up, only care about making money; even if they use ingredients that are damaging to our hair and skin.

Eden to Eden is the exact opposite. We currently offer natural hair products suitable for Afro-Caribbean, kinky, coily and dry hair textures, and we now offer natural products for your new-borns and babies. Our Perfectly Pure Range.

These products are not race specific and are suitable for anybody.

We believe in top quality and therefore pride ourselves in doing our utmost to achieve excellence.

All glory goes to God in everything we do

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