Perfectly Pure Baby Range

What could be more pure than using natural products on your baby?

Looking after your baby’s skin from an early age makes a huge difference in how they develop. The stimulus of touch and speech are directly linked to how well the baby’s brain develops. It is important to realise that a baby’s skin is different to an adult’s skin. It is much thinner, more delicate and needs more care.

Several of the Eden to Eden products include antioxidants because connective tissue in the skin starts to deteriorate soon after birth. Although it may be too soon to be looking out for wrinkles and signs of ageing, the skin still needs protecting and looking after right from the start. There are very few essential oils that are safe to use with babies. When we use them, it is to increase the positive action of the product and not just to add a sweet scent.

All of Eden to Eden’s Perfectly Pure range are 100% natural and made without any nasty, harmful artificial ingredients or colours, to bring you the purest baby products that nature can offer.

All the Perfectly Pure range products can be used on babies who are 1 month+ as well as people of all ages with sensitive or reactive skin.