Natural Hair Parties

I know you have all heard of the Tupperware, body shop or Ann Summers parties….

Well, Eden to Eden Natural Hair Parties are similar to that. It’s a great time to get together with friends and bond over natural hair…

During the party we play games, try out different styles, but most importantly you will increase your knowledge on how to have, grow and maintain healthy hair.

It’s a fun time to hang out with friends, exchange tips and ideas and learn how to grow your hair.

Parties can vary in length, depending on the needs of those attending…

Come along, and join in the movement of loving your hair and loving yourself….

Eden to Eden will demonstrate its products and they will be on sale during and after the party. The hosts of Eden to Eden Natural Hair parties will receive a discount on the products bought.

Please contact Eden to Eden: or call 07886257141 if you are interested in hosting a party and to enquire about prices…

Make this your year to treat yourself with love. Be Beautiful, Be You!


Eden to Eden Natural Hair Parties can be tailor made to suit your requirements…


Topics to Choose from:

Hair Product Basics

Textured Hair Cleansing Basics

Ingredients to Avoid Putting On Your Hair

How to Keep Moisture in Your Hair

How to Get Rid of Hair Breakage

How to Start a Healthy Hair Care Regime

Low-Manipulation Hair Maintenance Strategies

Protective Hair Styling

Children’s’ Hair Care