Leave in Conditioner

Leave in Conditioner

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Moisturises and nourishes, leaving hair silky smooth


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Leave-in Conditioner

Hydrating Moisturiser

This Leave-in Conditioner called Hydrating Moisturiser is one of our BESTSELLERS.

That is because it adds instant softness to hair, while never leaving a greasy feel. As a result, it is gentle enough for daily application.

Sometimes, the hair feels dry and brittle. That’s because, it’s in need of a boost of moisture, and we have the solution.

The solution: Hydrating Moisturiser. Use this, to feel an immediate effect of a hydration boost.

Which leads to bounce, flexibility and silky softness.

The Leave-in Conditioner brings softness and intense moisture to thirsty hair.

As a result, the great slip makes detangling your hair a breeze.

Using this moisturiser brings forth the pop of curls.

Because of the many benefits of ingredients in the Leave-in Conditioner, such as being rich in vitamins and minerals that nourish hair.

It, therefore, means, that it strengthens hair and promotes hair thickness.

The flowery scent of lavender brings tranquillity to you throughout the day. As a result, moisturising your hair, is quick and easy, but also calming.

In conclusion

If you feel that your hair is stiff and dry, try this BESTSELLING  Leave-in Conditioner, Hydrating Moisturiser. The immediate difference is extremely noticeable, like none other. No wonder it is a customer favourite.


First, shake well before using.

Second, apply to dry or damp hair in sections.

Third, use fingers to detangle each section, coupled with sealing it with shea butter and oil.

For best results

The Ultimate Hydration Set was created uniquely for daily use.

It contains, Hydrating Mist, Hydrating Moisturiser, and Shea Cream- moisture sealant.

Apply product to desired sections. Rake product through hair and finger detangle as you go.

After application, remember to finally seal in all of the moisture goodness with Shea Cream.

Ultimate Hydration Set can be found HERE

Ingredients for the Leave-in Conditioner and all of our other hair products can be found HERE NOWhttps://eden2eden.co.uk/natural-hair-ingredients/