Why choose us?
I first bought Eden to Eden products in Feb 2014 and started off with the Shampoo and Conditioner, straight away I noticed a massive difference. When washing my hair, I’d usually see loads of hair falling out with previous products. This time there were no hair falling out with E2E. I continued to use it and noticed my hair was actually getting thicker, my edges grew back quickly too! Then I was more comfortable to do the big chop to start a new healthy journey.
With short hair, I started to use the Hydrating Moisturiser and the Shea Cream Moisture Sealant and my hair was growing far more quicker than expected! At the time I was suffering with eczema and E2E launched a baby range! I started to use Soft Oat Baby Cream and in less than a week I seen changes! I’m still a strong believer that E2E has the best products for me because they’ve worked every time!
Recently I was properly introduced  to the Hydrating Mist… words can’t  describe how useful it is!
My hair is soft 24/7 and when I have braids I spray the roots to keep it dandruff free and moisturised.
Kenya McFarlane

Business Boss

I have been natural for a few years now and have found it hard to find a products that go well with my hair. I used to suffer a lot with dry hair and single strand knots and tangles, which led to breakage so my hair would just stay at the same length 🙁

I have found these products fantastic! They really hydrate my hair keeping it feeling soft and moisturised. I wear a lot braidouts and twistouts, I found the moisturiser and hair mist worked really well with these styles because, it doesn’t cause my hair to shrink as much in comparison to my water spray so my hair stays more stretched out. I have noticed a huge difference in the health of my hair, it feels thicker and my ends aren’t breaking off!!!

I would recommend these products to everyone who wants healthy hair!!


Student Dentist

I have been using two products Eden to Eden’s baby range, the Bath & Bubble Time and Soft Oat Baby Cream.

These products have been an absolute LIFESAVER.

My daughter was around 2 months old when I noticed her skin would get extremely dry, and as she got older it only got worse.

I, therefore, went down the medical route as they said it was eczema and was prescribed a few different things, which only made her skin look worse.

I tried a few well-known high street brands that were recommended by other parents and again, nothing worked.

A friend of mine told me about Eden2Eden and I’ve never looked back.

My daughter’s skin has completely changed, no more dry itchy skin.


Mommy of 1

I brought the Shea Cream Moisture Sealant from Eden to Eden for my daughters hair.
This product is absolutely amazing!!
My daughters hair was very dry and flakey in some places. I tried a lot of shop brought products that recommended it would help with dry hair but it didn’t really do the job.
Kia recommended the moisture sealant and I was so so happy 😃.
It helped with the patches of dry scalp straight away.

The product also smelt beautiful.

After doing my daughters hair one day my mum asked me about the moisture sealant as she noticed a big change in her hair.
She has since purchased products for herself from Eden to Eden.

I would recommend this hair company to everyone I meet!!

Thank you so much xx

Cookie Mumster

After my battle with regrowth due to relaxers I finally wanted to embrace my natural hair and the curls. I attended an Eden 2 Eden workshop and was impressed with the in depth information provided and the hair demonstration.
I have always wanted to use products that I knew were 100% natural so decied to buy some products and it has been the best decision that I have made for my hair.
The hydrating moisturiser and shea cream work well for my twist outs as it enhances my curls and my hair never feels dry. Other products that I use in the range are the shampoo and conditioner. Using the Eden 2 Eden range I have seen growth and my hair is very healthy. I won’t and don’t need to use anything else on my hair.
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I’ve been using the full Eden to Eden range for years now. Previously, I’ve used other natural hair ranges and this one is by far my favourite. It genuinely is all natural, and I have no worries that it’s secretly full of nasty chemicals or synthetic additives. I was encouraged to try it by seeing the results other people have had using the range, and so far I haven’t been disappointed. My hair is growing healthy, moisturised and strong. My favourite product is the shampoo, it leaves my scalp feeling so clean and fresh. I would highly recommend tbe range to anyone who wants healthier, longer, moisturised hair, Eden to Eden is definitely worth the investment. I talk to my friends and family about them too.

I have just bought the whole Perfectly Pure range for my newborn niece.


Deputy Section Manager

My hair journey started by default… Around November of 2012. In a decision to let my hair rest after 3 months in braids I decided to try out the natural products route.

After the many, many YouTube tutorials I continued to grow my hair and desired to see what my true hair texture was like (at that time I couldn’t remember how my hair was…After transitioning I finally had my “Big Chop” around the end of August 12… (Bye bye relaxer for good!)

With that I also changed my products as I previously has very dry hair… And invested in the full Eden to Eden product line…

Within 2 weeks I started to see prominent curl pattern and change in the texture of my whole hair!

Each morning and night I used the moisturiser and Shea butter to slightly damp hair. Both of these products helped significantly reduce the dry feel I once had with my hair. Every approx 10 days I would wash and condition my hair with shampoo and conditioner.  The shampoo feels like it’s done it’s job and I love the smell of the conditioner. I still use all the products and I’m loving the journey my hair has taken so far… From limp and lifeless to what now is full, thick, coily curly hair.

Overall I love these products! As the saying goes don’t fix what’s not broken. So I don’t intend on using any other products for my hair 😉

I’m a customer for life so Eden2Eden better keep making these products.

Would I recommend?… Of course! (For everyone who wishes to give their hair – whether “natural” or not – what it needs


Okay so when I find the best of anything I’m literally pee-my-pants excited to tell people all about it! The fact that I’ve been using @eden2edenhair products for more than a year says a lot about these products in itself, they’re amazing xx

This is an homemade all natural product line of gold. I’m not kidding when I say I never want to use anything else in my hair. I literally have to sacrifice nothing. With other products it’s been a thing of if its moisturised it’s also weighed down or if my curls are defined they’re all crispy or just frizz but my hair always stays soft with eden2eden and smelling good too x

My curl pattern is more defined and I find it loads easier to style my hair and I even use these products when I’m protective styling with braids twists weave or crochet styles. If you haven’t already, I seriously advise you to buy their products at. I am willing to bet a head of hair that you won’t regret it. My hair loves it and I’m confident yours will too



I went to an E2E Natural Hair workshop and bought products for myself and my daughter. Our hair is noticeably softer in comparison to conventional shampoo/conditioners. The Hydrating Moisturiser and Shea Cream help with our manageability. I have seen a noticeable difference in our hair, it is so much healthier and longer too.

We are definitely repeat customers. I have turned my mom and sister into repeat customers too.




Community Nurse

My favourite Eden2Eden product is the whipped Shea Cream. It’s extremely smooth, smells great and helps to seal my hair after moisturizing, making it soft and shiny. Why not try out Eden Eden for yourself. There are many more products in the range. It’s in the name, they’re natural and created with love. I love them and so will you